Fundamentals Of Electric Circuits With Pspice Pdf Download

Read online fundamentals-of-electric-circuits-with-pspice , this book written by As Aravinda Murthy and published by in PDF, Docs format also available in epub,mobi format Author: As Aravinda Murthy
ISBN: 9788188849574
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Fundamentals Of Electric Circuits With Pspice

This book discusses the fundamentals in the subject and gives a strong foundation for advanced courses in the field. The book starts with the laws and terminologies governing electric circuits and continues with electromagnetism, goes through production of electricity, three phase circuits, and then discusses electric machines like transformers, alternators and induction motors. The book ends with a treatise on instruments and protection. Features Simple language without diluting the rigor of the subject. Step-by-step development with lot of diagrams. Solution of problems from university question papers. Explanations are crisp and direct. Exercise Problem with answers. Contents DC Circuits Magnetism AC Circuits Three phase circuits Transformers Alternators Induction motors DC Machines Measuring Instruments Distribution and protection

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